Another Funked Up Warm Up


Warming up for our rehearsal a couple of weeks ago with some Funky guitar riffs. My Telecaster is panned hard left and John’s Les Paul is panned hard right for some tonal contrast. I’m playing through a special edition Fender Blues Jr. and John is using a vintage Fender Deluxe Reverb. I love his last solo where he’s stretching the tonal capabilities of his guitar with some serious chops! Joe and Matt are playing a really tight groove. Great fun playing with these gentlemen!

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  1. Melinda ledbetter

    Love it bro! Took,me back to the early days of just playing off the cuff! You guys do sound tight on this one. The video didn’t work though, I could only hear it with the picture frozen on the first frame.
    As always…. So proud of you bro!
    Love you:)


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