Dancing on the Edge of Time

Back in the 90s, I went back to college at UAB and earned my degree. Prior to that, and all during my quest for higher learning,  I held a wide variety of jobs, none of which I was any good at or liked much. For years I found every reason under the sun not to go back to school, with the primary reason a staunch defense of the time I needed to pursue music projects and how many precious music-making hours I would have to forfeit for that piece of paper. After I started taking classes, I almost immediately hooked up with some awesome musicians and had my first gigging band and soon discovered that the more the challenge the greater the result. The more I was engaged in creative pursuit of knowledge from most any angle the less time I had to be negative about what I didn’t have, a basic sense of belonging and worth in the occupational paths being followed, which ultimately is a puzzle we attempt to build in our minds, the final piece being what makes us tick in a positive direction. For me, making music with other humans was essential, along with writing/playing original material, even if it was part time. A few years later with degree in hand, I was really maturing (at 37) and trying to understand what I wanted to be when I grew up and figure out why I was Dancing on the Edge of Time. My favorite guitar player, John English plays some wicked lead at the end of this one.

Bill Ledbetter – Vocal & Guitars/1st Lead | Joe Ledbetter – Bass | John English – Guitars/2nd Lead | Matt Brennan – Drums

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Eric Bates at Bates Brothers Recording. Eugene Bates assistant engineer, April, 2013

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