Is 2016 Over Yet??

I’m not going to be cynical on this beloved holiday, but 2016 pretty much sucked for a lot of people. Lo and behold, the sky still looms above us, even in multi colored shades of confusion. We still hold on and grin and bare whatever comes our way, always holding steadfastly to our friends, our families, our homes, our kids and our pets, the smell of fresh flowers in the spring. Ok, getting all schmaltzy (is that a word?) now trying to be a buttercup, or was it a cupcake?  I’ll take some fake news, err BS, and some high TV drama with my 2016. Now I’m ready to take on the world and challenge every single thing you ever thought, (on Facebook), and blast you with my cyber karmic, super-duper, text injector. Yep, time for some craziness in 2017 and beyond. Hold on to your hat, it’s right around the corner. Coming to you in technicolor and high drama! OR, Resist the machine, love your neighbor and be friendly to everyone. Peace, Love, and all that good stuff for everyone this coming year.

Oh yea, I hope you’ll be able to join the new OCD Network, err Notebook coming soon to a cyber outlet near you, a new kind of social gathering for the thinking mind, err the tepid mind, or maybe I meant to say the intrepid journey. Either way, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for everything good you represent, and NEVER forget to hug your loved ones!!

“Away in a Manger” has always been a favorite. Jerry Douglas did the best version I’ve every heard. Got a late start this year, but here goes, start the drum roll!



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