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Critter Tube – Sliding King Snake

A welcome visitor to our yard this past spring, this beautiful speckled king snake was making sure we were copperhead free. The mating water moccasins captured at the end were filmed on the Black Warrior River in Tuscaloosa a few…
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Bud Ledbetter Sessions: Dark Hollow

“Dark Hollow” has always been a favorite in our family picking sessions, especially the Grateful Dead version from their 1988 Acoustic release, Reckoning. According to Wikipedia, this tune was made popular by the Grateful Dead’s early 70s recording. Originally written…
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Random Jam Lightning Solo

I wrote “Lightning Cracks the Sky” in 2002 and recorded it a few times by myself over the years, but this was the first or second time we all played it together as a band, and we were stretching it…
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