Recording Studio

For the past thirty years I have been recording music in various home studios, starting with a 4-track cassette machine in a spare bedroom in 1986 and graduating to portable digital recorders as the technology advanced. About ten years ago, the iMac arrived and I never looked back. Using the Mac and CuBase software was a great move. Last year I did major upgrades and added a Universal Audio Devices (UAD) thunderbolt-powered Apollo interface and the UAD Analogue Classics plugin bundle, along with some killer condenser microphones. These upgrades improved the quality and expanded the headroom of my recordings drastically and my setup is capable of making top-notch, demo and release-ready recordings.

Part of the goal of these upgrades is to have the capabilities to record and produce other artists while continuing to produce my own original material with The BLP and solo. Along with good equipment, I offer decades of musical experience to other artists who want to release their work.

Along with the digital gear and some cool instruments and analogue equipment to compliment the digital realm, I have my Great Grandmother's amazing antique piano and some other vintage pedal-steel-1gear, all inherited treasures with deep family soul and history. If you have a hankering to write a SciFi Soundtrack with mandolin, guitar, and pedal steel overdubs, no problem. I don't believe in stylistic boxes for music and with just a few music software tools, you have a wide array of options at hand to produce your work. Oh yea, we'll have a blast making music!

If you want to learn more about booking my studio use the Contact Page or give me a call, (205) 807-0763

Current Project

Bud Ledbetter Sessions

bud-bill-guitars-1Since February, Bud and I have collaborated in the studio for some Bluegrass and Old Time music. Along with the solid bass from brother Joe, we recruited Matt Warwick on Banjo and Vocals, and Dale Sharp on Dobro, Mandolin, and Vocals. Both of these guys can play and sing! Bud brings 70 years or so of playing and singing with a brain full of American Roots Music, especially bluegrass and gospel. We are taking our time but have several keepers recorded already. I'm really looking forward to releasing this music! Standby for updates.