Social Media

Social Media Development is the new frontier for writers and for the past few years I have been learning all I can about these exciting new communication channels. I have been using Blogs, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to promote my part time music and writing career, and I developed and manage several Facebook pages and groups both private and public. I developed a Social Media Strategy plan for the large corporation where I work including Facebook and YouTube pages and channels, and I was assigned to work closely with the Community Relations department to help determine how to best facilitate social media tools and strategies. Since the company where I work is not a traditional retail or service oriented business, they have been slow to embrace these new tools with a public-facing social media presence, but I continue to work behind the scenes researching methods and tools that should be published and implemented in the future.

In the meantime, I use and learn these tools constantly for my own purposes. Check out my Blog, Facebook pageYouTube Channel, and Twitter feed that I use for my band, The Bill Ledbetter Project. I also use LinkedIn to make professional contacts and to display my work experience and connect with other like-minded professionals.

If you need someone to help you develop and implement social media tools, plans, or strategies, get in touch with me and we can determine what is the best strategy for your unique purpose. Use the Contact page to email or contact me directly for a free consultation and estimate.