Web Design & Content Development

I first started learning web design and content development in 1999 on my first technical writing assignment and I have been perfecting both of these skills since. In my current position, my primary job is content management. Web content writing and management evolves constantly in the ever-changing world of digital technology where today’s new technology is tomorrow’s old school method. Staying on the cusp of new technology and publishing methods has never been more important. The best way to get more traffic to your site is with fresh and compelling content. In the past decade electronic publishing has seen drastic and rapid change with the advent of blogging and social media where the do-it-yourself, easy to use platforms made everyone with a little time on their hands a webmaster and content writer. Unfortunately, this has also created a sea of garbage posing as content and novices acting as writers and web designers. Although it is great to have multiple free outlets to post pictures of your dinner or pets or to have the ability to setup a blog site in a few minutes with free tools, it still serves the serious-minded business well to employ professionals to help them develop and manage their website or blog content.

If you need help developing a professional web presence with quality content, get in touch with me using the Contact page and I will give you a free consultation and estimate.