One thing I love about Tom Waits is his ability to write a song that becomes both a short story or novella lurking in your mind, while at the same time creating stunning visuals with rhythmic yarns that are often open-ended and prime for a variety of interpretation, depending on who is listening. Tom crafts his material using a multitude of source materials, including everything from newspaper stories to nursery rhymes that are sewn together with ragged beauty and often colored outside the lines, opening our imaginations to scenes never experienced. Tom has always been a huge influence and of all the songs I’ve covered over the years, Clap Hands from his 1985 masterpiece, Rain Dogs is by far the most fun to play. I love the groove laid down by Joe and Matt on this one, and John plays some excellent guitar. We recorded this during a rehearsal in July and I overdubbed vocals, synthesizer, and additional rhythm parts in October. I’m so lucky to have a band as talented as these guys to make music with.

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