Spencer Leffel

We are happy to announce our newest member, Spencer Leffel. After three years holding down the drum chair for The BLP, Matt Brennan decided to step down and pursue other projects and interests. Like so many members of our extended musical family, Matt, aka Cletus Ledbetter, and the band became fast friends over our shared interest in making original music and we all had a blast. Thank you for your incredible drumming skills and friendship, Mr. Brennan you will always be a member of our musical circle.

Knowing that there were only a handful of drummers that could compare, we put out feelers for the best ones we knew, and were lucky to pique the interest of our old friend and band mate, Spencer Leffel who has agreed to come back into the family as our newest band member! Spencer and his wife Charlotte were both members of our blues rock band Terraplane way back in the 90s. Along with Spencer and the recent addition of our newest family member, multi-talented singer/instrumentalist, Jennifer Skates, we are all real excited about getting this groove out and moving forward! Stay tuned!

After our first rehearsal, it was evident that we all share deep musical chemistry based on unbridled trust and intuition that guides our collective muse.

Spencer Leffel played drums up and down the East Coast before moving to Birmingham in the early 1990s. He has played a wide variety of styles and genres, including work with the bands Lost in the Mail (reggae/calypso), with whom he played around the Southeast and in Jamaica; the Alex Lacy Trio/Quartet (jazz); Partial to Mabel (jam band/bluegrass); Terraplane (blues/rock); and The Charlottons (eclectic rock). Spencer has worked with guitarist John English in multiple settings, including the improv trio Phantom Limb with composer/trumpeter/ guitarist Rick Nance. He has pursued free improvisational music for many years, performing with LaDonna Smith, Davey Williams, Philip Gelb, and Craig Hultgren, among others. He has played West African drum music with John Scalici, and has operated a drum-teaching studio for more than 15 years. He has performed at Birmingham’s City Stages and numerous Birmingham improv festivals.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Welcome Spencer! It’s a pleasure having you!

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