I wrote “Lightning Cracks the Sky” in 2002 and recorded it a few times by myself over the years, but this was the first or second time we all played it together as a band, and we were stretching it out a bit on the solo. The shoddy vocals and overall mix were pretty rough, but I loved the way the band interpreted what had been a solo acoustic song and we had fun finding a groove. With these guys jamming, it took on another life! Fast forward a year or so later, and I added the slide part in the right channel and mixed John’s lead in the left channel. Joe and Matt are laying down a killer groove, and John’s lead is scorching.
Recorded, Summer 2013 with The BLP

1 comment on “Random Jam Lightning Solo

  1. Melinda Ledbetter says:

    Nice bro!! Takes me back to those days when we would just pick a key & start playing & making it all up as we rolled through whatever direction the collective mood of all those playing took us:)). Thanks for sharing this, I can hear the many years you’ve been playing together in this cool little piece of pure groove:) Love you!

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