BLP Creative Sessions

BLP Sessions Volume One

Midweek Session One - Wed. Feb. 15, 6 to 9 PM

Hope you can join me for the first BLP Creative session. Bring some of your songs, play some of mine, or start something new together. I love collaborating and jamming with other musicians and after numerous unsuccessful attempts to restart my original project over the past few years, I decided to share my talents and recording space to other creative artists interested in creating original material. Hoping to gather like-minded writers and musicians bi-monthly who want to connect and experiment with original ideas while keeping the record button on. I will host one session mid-week from 6PM - 9PM and one on a weekend afternoon with a flexible starting time TBD.

Any of your original material recorded will belong to you. If you wish to share or release something as a demo, all I ask is that you include a nod to BLP Creative when you present the material. If you appear on my original music as a vocalist or instrumentalist, you will be cited with your contact info on anything I share or release. My room is small, so space is limited and on first-come basis. If space is already taken up, I will try to include you in the next session.  If this sounds fun and interesting to you, use this form to get in touch and I will be in touch do discuss or answer questions. Please add a brief note in form indicating what you specialty is. Hoping to find a solid rhythm section to support these sessions and possibly do some showcase gigs down the road.

What is your specialty? Are you a songwriter, instrumentalist (what instrument), or vocalist.