“Dark Hollow” has always been a favorite in our family picking sessions, especially the Grateful Dead version from their 1988 Acoustic release, Reckoning. According to Wikipedia, this tune was made popular by the Grateful Dead’s early 70s recording. Originally written by Bill Browning in 1958, it has been recorded numerous times by other notable artist such as Jimmie Skinner, Mac Wiseman, Ralph Stanley, David Bromberg, and David Grisman.

Like many of these old songs, there are many different renditions and tempo variations depending on who is playing and singing them. Bud leads this version in a mid tempo fashion that has a nice foot stomping beat and is not too fast for the melody, giving the banjo and dobro breaks room to breath.

The initial tracks were recorded in March 2016 with Bud and Joe laying down the bass, guitar, and lead vocal tracks. All of the other tracks were done at various sessions later that year and early 2017 and include Bill Ledbetter on Guitar and Mandolin, Dale Sharp on Dobro and Harmony Vocals, and Matt Warwick on Banjo and Harmony Vocals. 

We Hope you enjoy listening as much as we did creating this piece of music and as always, thanks for listening and stay tuned for more releases from this project! ]]>

4 comments on “Bud Ledbetter Sessions: Dark Hollow

  1. Bev says:

    Awesome! Such a fun project for you.

  2. Melinda Ledbetter says:

    Love this! You’re doing a great job as musician, historian and producer ?. Daddy’s mind is an endless repository of music. I called him the other day to ask him if he was interested in learning an Elvis song with me, Swing Down Sweet Chariot, (which is nowhere near as well known as Swing Low Sweet Chariot) & before I even finished telling him the name of the song he started singing it over the phone, just like Elvis sang it! He can recite more songs in a minute than I’ve learned in a lifetime. These recording sessions you have done with him will be in your heart for the rest of your life bro. I’m so happy you are doing this! A lifetime to cherish:)) love you!

    1. Bill Ledbetter says:

      Thank you so much for all your support over the years, this is a true labor of love and having support from the family makes it even better. So much fun! Love you, Sister!

  3. Becky says:

    “Project” is not the right term! Something more along the lines of “love fest”!

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