Bud Ledbetter Sessions: Rolling in My Sweet Baby’s Arms

This month marks a year I started working with Bud and Joe on a recording project to capture Bud playing and singing some of his favorite old-time bluegrass and hillbilly songs with Joe laying down the bass. Early on, we were lucky to find some incredible pickers to help us out. Matt Warwick brought his banjo skills and Dale Sharp plays mandolin and dobro. Both of these gentleman also have great voices and sing harmony with Bud as well as lead on some songs. The idea was to record an album by spring or early summer and then start booking some bluegrass festivals. This was obviously a very ambitious goal and logistics and scheduling charted a different course for our project, but I am proud to say that we have a few songs finished now and hope to have the rest of it completed by this summer. The first time these four gentleman all played together in my studio, the chemistry was magic and they locked up like they had all played together for years. Trying to capture the spirit of live bluegrass was my initial goal and I recorded a few of these sessions with them all in the room together. Although the grooves and music were tight, the room was just too small to capture the vocals without the other instruments overpowering the mix, so we regrouped and started doing multiple sessions to get more separation and allow the vocals to stand out in the mix.

Bud was 18 in 1951 when Flatt and Scruggs recorded Rolling in My Sweet Baby’s Arms, an old traditional song that has since been recorded by dozens of artists and is a solid component of any self-respecting bluegrass gathering, large or small. I am so fortunate to have my musical family and friends to keep my happy space full of positive and uplifting musical energy, and this project is truly a labor of love!  Stay tuned for more music from Bud and company.

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6 comments on “Bud Ledbetter Sessions: Rolling in My Sweet Baby’s Arms

  1. John English says:

    This sounds great. What an incredible thing to have. All the money and time you’ve spent — this is the payoff. Great to see the photos of you, Joe, and Bud together in what appears to be a happy time. I so glad the three of you were able to do this. Great players and, at least on my phone which is all I have to listen on today, the banjo and dobro sound great. They can be tricky to record as you obviously know. Great work, Bill.

  2. Bill Ledbetter says:

    Thanks, John! This mean much coming from your amazing ears. I really appreciate you following my site all these years.

  3. Bev says:

    Awesome! I’ve loved hearing and watching this come together.

    1. Bill Ledbetter says:

      So much fun, and I love recording these guys! Looking forward to releasing more soon! Thank you for the amazing support!

  4. Rebecca says:


  5. Bill Ledbetter says:


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