I’ve always loved the Christmas Holidays. It takes me a while to warm up to it but once the spirit grabs me, I really get excited about spending time with loved ones, time off of work, all of the great food and festivities, the decorations, and the music. I love listening to Christmas Music, even the sappy stuff. Way back in another decade, I started an annual tradition of playing and recording homemade Christmas Music and delivering it on cassettes. This was a solo effort for a long time, but over the years, I’ve been able to record songs with various friends and family, and we almost always wind up doing the same songs, sometimes with a different twist and it’s always a lot of fun. One year, I’m hoping to get a bigger group of friends and family together and do some group sessions.

Bev & Girls Merry ChristmasThis year, my incredible wife, Beverly Baker takes on the voice of an Angel for some of our favorite Christmas Songs. I love hearing her sing and I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I do!  We had a blast recording these songs. I’m in awe of people like  Bev who can sing from deep-down in their heart and soul with such conviction, yet another one of a multitude of reasons I have to adore her even more.
We hope everyone has a beautiful Christmas and a rewarding New Year. Hug your loved ones at Christmas. Hang on to the goodness they have for you and hold it close as long as you can, and never miss an opportunity to remind them how much you care and what they mean to you.

3 comments on “Homegrown Christmas ~ 2014

  1. Bev says:

    This was a lot of fun. Thank you for letting me play with you.

  2. Roberta Lynn Ledbetter says:

    Thanks for another Christmas play list. You and Bev make lovely music together. I’m looking forward to a Merry Christmas with all our loved ones!

  3. Melinda Ledbetter says:

    Awesome Bill and Bev! This one is extra special for many reasons…..the beautiful union in music of two people in love…….the image I will always have of the peace on mama’s face that morning we listened to it together…..the tradition that you started so many years ago and have continued to brighten our holidays with through the years bro. I believe I have all the Christmas tapes and CDs through the years. You are so right about Bev’s angelic voice! Love you both:))

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