My good friends, Troy and Julie Bland asked me to write an article about their business, Pets at Peace for the Trussville News.

pets-peace-logoWhen my friends Troy and Julie Bland told me they were buying a pet cremation business, I first thought how odd that two animal lovers would want to work in this line of business, but after thinking it over and learning more about the process, it occurred to me that pet lovers are the only people you should trust with this painful and delicate task and I could think of no other couple who would be more qualified to handle this process than the Blands.

In October of 2011 they purchased the already established family business, Pets at Peace from Vickie Bayles. Troy and Julie have since carried on the family tradition with a similar mission:

The mission of Pets at Peace is to facilitate meaningful ways for families to grieve their loss and to celebrate the memories of their beloved animals. In partnership with community veterinarians, the staff at Pets at Peace provides the highest quality of care for your cherished family pet.

Pets at Peace Alabama, proud members of the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories, offers pet cremation and care your Furry Friend So Deserves in the Moments of their Final Farewell. Because it is a family-owned and operated business built on trust, reliability, and high quality service, Pets at Peace has refined the standards of the pet cremation industry to provide you peace of mind in your time of need. The Bland’s reputation and solid customer-base is a testament to their philosophy that their business provides a unique service and they personally ensure that your pet’s care is handled with honor, dignity, and compassion. According to Julie, “people who choose Pets at Peace choose us because their pet deserves the very best.”

Troy-Bland-1After earning a proper music pedigree with a degree from Boston’s famous Berklee School of Music, Troy lived in the Bay Area and pursued his dream of music for a few years before returning to Birmingham and UAB where he went to work as a network engineer and earned his Computer Science degree. Troy continues to work as a part time contractor at UAB from his home office after hours and runs Pets at Peace during regular business hours.

Julie has an equally diverse background including a degree in psychology and ten years in orthopedic bracing sales working with doctors and hospitals around the Southeast. She also dedicates her time to handling customer relations and marketing for Pets at Peace.

One thing that they both share in common is a life-long love and affection for animals. When Julie was only two she asked her mother every day for a dog until her mother finally relinquished and gave her a rescue puppy that she named Patches. These two friends, Julie and Patches grew up together and Patches died when she was a senior in High School. JulieJulie-Bland-1 spent her entire childhood rescuing and nurturing cats, squirrels, rabbits, dogs, and birds or any other animal that needed care or a home. This dedication to saving animals continued for her as an adult with volunteer work for The Alabama Animal Adoption Society in Homewood. Julie also served as a tireless volunteer for Birmingham’s Do Dah Day Festival, helping raise money for the greater Birmingham Humane Society. When Troy and Julie first started dating in 2001, they shared a common love for their beloved dog, Tucker who celebrated 12 years with them before passing away in 2011. Losing Tucker was a driving force in the Bland’s decision to get into the pet
cremation business because they feel empathy towards those that have been through the same painful process of losing a pet.

The pet owner’s veterinarian will often suggest pet cremation, but the choice to cremate an animal as well as where this service is handled is a decision that is solely the responsibility of the pet owner. Often pet owners are not aware of the options and simply ask their vet to handle it, but all they need to do is tell their vet that they wish to use a specific service. Unlike some services, you may also call Pets at Peace directly to arrange for your animal to be picked up. Where other services may take weeks to handle this delicate task and then deliver your pet remains in a tin can or velvet bag, Pets at Peace goes the extra mile when handling your pet’s cremation and offers extras like a paw print and lock of hair, as well as decorative and commemorative urns and plaques that you can have engraved with a special message about your pet, or simply list the pet’s name and date of birth and death. Pets at Peace will also handle pre-arranged aftercare before your pet passes on. These arrangements can be made through your vet or by calling Pets at Peace directly.

For most people that own pets, they are beloved members of the family and losing them can be stressful and painful and unlike the planning for arrangements and services that goes in beforehand with humans, pet owners are often unprepared or equipped to deal with the limited options for pet burial. Some municipalities may not allow traditional burial in the back yard and pet cemeteries may not be available, leaving cremation as the only viable option.

Pets at Peace offers this unique service seven days a week and will perform a private cremation with your pet’s cremains returned to you within 48 to 72 hours. The friendly staff is dedicated to insuring the passing of your pet is as easy on you as possible. They will also answer any questions you have about the process.

Pets at Peace is located at 1348 Highway 11 in Trussville. You may call them directly at (205) 467-7695 or visit them on the web at You may also find them on Facebook!

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