Our musical family started into the summer of 2016 with high hopes to line up some good gigs after our big show at Do Dah Day in May, but sometimes life gets in the way in the summer and our time together wound up being few and far between. In spite of that, we managed to schedule two killer rehearsals in July and August and learn some new material. One thing I love about playing with my talented friends is no matter how long we are apart, we always find a groove to lock into when we all get together, always have fun either working diligently on arrangements, or just jamming. Usually before everyone else gets setup, situated, and tuned up, Spencer and Mark will already be locked into some improvised groove and we all jump in and start noodling, for a lack of a better term. I call this getting Leffelized! Jennifer and I played a duo gig in July and it gave us the opportunity to learn some new songs for our sets including, “Everybody’s Crying Mercy” from the great Mose Allison who just recently passed. The version here is the second time we all played it together with a little harp overdubbed for good measure. We also gave rebirth to Tom Waits’ favorite, “Clap Hands,” Otis Redding’s, “These Arms of Mine,” and worked on my original, “Sun Came Up” with Jennifer adding some great vocal harmonies and carrying the lead on the last section. So many things have happened in such a short period of time since our last session that led us into an unofficial hiatus of sorts, but I am hopeful that we will all be able to regroup in the new year with a fresh approach to the groove.


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