Critter Tube Again – Layla Kitty

The latest subject in the Critter Tube music video series, Layla came to us a few months ago from the Greater Birmingham Humane Society.

The background music is an excerpt from one of the weekly recording and jam sessions of a new project I have been organizing for a few months now with various musicians. The project started out as a cover band and quickly morphed into another original project, with a focus on collaboration, originality, and recording our original material with a fresh approach. Once again, I’m fortunate to have some stellar musicians to work with. The current lineup includes new additions to our musical family, Ken McGuire on keyboards and vocals and Frank Bridges on drums and vocals, and my old bandmates brother Joe on Bass and Troy Bland offering his multi-instrumental, vocal, and songwriting skills to the mix. Troy is also well-versed in audio production and recording, and Frank and Ken are multi talented artists and singer/songwriters with great chops and musical ideas.

Sometimes we take on some challenging cover songs or just do improvisational jams to warm up. This little piece is a fun jam we did on the back end of a popular 70s song. Stay tuned for more original music from this group!


4 comments on “Critter Tube Again – Layla Kitty

  1. Bev says:

    I LOVE this!!!!

    1. Bill Ledbetter says:

      And WE LOVE YOU :))

  2. Melinda Ledbetter says:

    She is getting so big so fast! Fun time bro, thanks for sharing:))

    1. Bill Ledbetter says:

      Thanks, she’s bigger now, those clips were a while back. She’s an amazing animal with endless energy, and then she just collapses in your lap when she’s ready to sleep, like a rag doll.

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