Do Dah Day, 2016 was a huge success. We had a great time playing this legendary festival and hanging out with friends and family on a beautiful spring day! All of the folks that work this festival are top notch and the professionalism is unmatched in outdoor festivals. A huge thanks to our friend, Betsy Stout Jones for booking us and the Twisted Otter, Sheldon Sokol for managing the stage with ease and grace. His sound and stage crew from All Events were as good as it gets. On top of all of the hard work that goes into making this event special, the icing on the cake for these tireless volunteers is they get to raise a tremendous amount of money for local animal shelters and humane societies, not to mention all of the public awareness and the amazing sense of community people get to experience every year with their pets. Hat’s off to Do Dah Day! Hope you’ll have us back next year!


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