In keeping with the great changes my family was dealt in January with the death of our amazing matriarch and guiding force for us all, Margie Dale Ledbetter, the band has also gone through a sea change this year. Anyone who has lost their mother will tell you how difficult it is to navigate a normal life in a world that has been turned upside down, so I  feel truly grateful to still have The BLP together making original music with some amazing musicians and friends!

After an unofficial break for most of 2014 until the spring of this year, I decided to find a lead vocalist/front person to help inspire us to keep the band going. In May, the multi talented Jennifer Skates agreed to join the band and she has been all we hoped for and then some, inspiring us to work on our sound, learn songs, record our rehearsals, and start booking gigs.

[caption id="attachment_4211" align="alignright" width="200"]Mark Leffel Mark Leffel[/caption]

When Matt and Joe left in June and July to pursue other projects, we were fortunate enough to get the Father and Son groove machine, Spencer and Mark Leffel. Spencer goes way back with us in another band and his 28 year old son, Mark has been playing multiple instruments since he was a kid, but excels on the Bass. Together they create some serious jazz-inspired grooves for us.

We are honored to be among a great lineup on Saturday October 10 at 7 PM as part of Daniel Day Gallery’s  semi-annual Meccafest, an all day celebration of local music hosted by Daniel Day and Melody Musick at their ultra cool establishment, Dream Mecca Studios. BYOB/cooler friendly and potluck encouraged as they keep the grills going to feed everyone. Bring a chair the weather is liable to be gorgeous. One of the premier spots in Birmingham to catch live music, Dream Mecca, now pushing their 7th year of operation, is a unique venue with an art gallery in the front and spaces inside and outside for listening, depending on the weather. Hope you can join us.


2 comments on “The Musical Journey Continues

  1. Terri French says:

    I didn’t know of your mother’s passing. I lost my dad a year ago October 18. Not an easy thing. My condolences and all the best with the band.

    1. Thank you for the nice words and thoughts, Terri.

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