Recording Studio

For the past thirty-three years I have been recording music in various home studios, starting with a 4-track cassette machine in a spare bedroom and graduating to portable digital recorders as the technology advanced. About twelve years ago, the iMac arrived and I never looked back. Using the iMac and CuBase software and the Universal Audio Devices (UAD) thunderbolt-powered Apollo interface and some good mics allows great flexibility in recording and mixing using the world-class plugins capable of capturing most any feel from vintage to modern. If you want to record top-notch, release-ready audio or video recordings, drop us a line.

With decades of musical experience, I offer an array of tools and expertise to help artists release their work. Along with the digital gear, the room is equipped with a century-old antique upright handed down from my great grandmother. l If you have a hankering to write a SciFi Soundtrack with mandolin, guitar, and pedal steel overdubs, no problem. I don’t believe in stylistic boxes for music and with just a few music software tools, you have a wide array of options at hand to produce your work. Oh yea, we’ll have a blast making music!

If you want to learn more about booking my studio use the Contact Page or give me a call, (205) 807-0763

Services Offered

Writing and Arranging Music
Engineering, Mixing, & Mastering

Video Production

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