For the past 35 years, I have been writing and recording music. Using an iMac and the Universal Audio Devices (UAD) thunderbolt-powered Apollo interface and some good mics allows great flexibility in recording and mixing using the world-class plugins capable of capturing most any feel from vintage to modern. If you want to record top-notch, release-ready audio or video recordings, drop us a line.

With an array of tools and expertise to help artists release their work or sweeten their video projects, we rely on decades of creative experience to guide your creative muse. If you want to expand boundaries from modern to vintage, and all points in between, no problem. I don’t believe in stylistic boxes for music and with just a few music software tools, you have a wide array of options at hand to produce your work.

If you want to learn more about booking my studio use the Contact Page or give me a call, (205) 807-0763


Creative Services

Writing and Arranging Music
Mixing, & Mastering
Video Production