The Bud Sessions

For about 60 years or so, my Daddy, Bud Ledbetter has been filling our family home with music. He sings and plays multiple instruments including guitar, piano, banjo, organ, and mandolin. He is well-versed in every kind of Roots-Americana genre of music that you can imagine including, bluegrass, country, blues, rock and roll, gospel, and […]

Moog Mood First

Created using an iPad and the Animoog App and Mixed using Garage Band for iOS The way digital technology has advanced in the past decade is amazing. Tablet devices have almost made the laptop obsolete and the mind-boggling array of apps available for these devices sends my head spinning to try and fathom which one […]

Sun Came Up

This was recorded with the band in practice last month, and I overdubbed extra instrument tracks later. I wrote this one a long time ago when I was struggling with some things that could never be resolved, but I always felt better in the morning if the sun came up.   

Another Funked Up Warm Up

Warming up for our rehearsal a couple of weeks ago with some Funky guitar riffs. My Telecaster is panned hard left and John’s Les Paul is panned hard right for some tonal contrast. I’m playing through a special edition Fender Blues Jr. and John is using a vintage Fender Deluxe Reverb. I love his last […]


We had our first rehearsal of the year last weekend and it was the first time we have all played together in a few months. As always, it was a blast and I am again reminded of how lucky I am to play with these guys! We worked on a few songs, including one of […]

(Musical) Year in Review

Another year gone by and I wound up with a whopping 8 blog posts for 2013, breaking my yearly average of 3. I released my first official CD, Always Come Home (Someday) in April. Being able to do a six song demo project with the support of some amazingly talented friends and family in a […]