Fishing with Bill

Episode One March, 2020

Explore the waterways of America with never-heard-of-until-now fishing superstar, Bill. Expand your fishing skills by following our easy-to-follow guides for catching fish. We’re not fond of using high-speed bass boats with giant motors, racing each other in our best Talladega mindset to the lucrative honey holes that result in a cash reward or cheap trophy so we can earn the right to additional testosterone-charged boasting and mansplaining around the boat launch and spectator arena, but we do love to fish and explore the water.

Fishing is a spiritual journey and a great opportunity to embrace your connection with Mother Nature. Join us as we dance with our Mother, and enjoy the gorgeous natural surroundings of these Wild American Waterways.

Would you like to be a guest on Fishin with Bill? Lettuce know.

Don’t forget the plug.


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