We had our first rehearsal of the year last weekend and it was the first time we have all played together in a few months. As always, it was a blast and I am again reminded of how lucky I am to play with these guys! We worked on a few songs, including one of our favorite cover songs, Lowell George’s “Willin'” from the 1972 Little Feat album, Sailin’ Shoes. This video was shot using my new GoPro Hero3Silver Edition camera and edited using Apple Quicktime Pro.


2 comments on “Willin’

  1. Great job on “Willin”, Bill. Really brings back some memories. I miss you, bud. And the days and nights (Marty’s) we used to jam. Hope all is well with you and yours. The band sounds great. Looks like brother Joe on bass…and is that son Will on drums? And the man on guitar is great whoever he is. Hope I get to hear y’all some time soon.
    All the best,
    Charlie Riley
    66 and still standing…

    1. Bill Ledbetter says:

      Thanks for the compliments, Charlie and thanks for following us. That’s Matt Brennan on drums and my old friend from way back, John English on guitar. I miss you too, man. Let’s get together for lunch or a beer soon! We’ve got some gigs coming up in April and some other things brewing. I’ll keep you posted.

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